Yellowfin Acquired By Warbird Marine Holdings

Yellowfin Acquired By Warbird Marine Holdings

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Yellowfin Acquired By Warbird Marine Holdings


Most of you have likely heard that Warbird Marine Holding completed its purchase of Yellowfin recently, leading our favorite boat brand into new and uncharted waters. Warbird had previously purchased Invincible Boats in 2019, and the addition of Yellowfin undoubtedly makes the new company a major player in the world of top quality outboard fishing boats. Many people have speculated on what this means for Yellowfin as a company, for its boats, and for the people that build them. The press release sent out by Warbird on June 2nd answers some of these important questions. In case you missed it, you can read the release by clicking the button below.


Read the Warbird Press Release Here


Understandably, questions remain regarding specifics on what you, our customers, can expect in the coming days, weeks and months. We believe this change will yield immediate, positive results, helping us to improve some of our processes while still continuing to build the incredible boats that have made this company famous. Here are some areas where we believe Yellowfin will benefit.

1. Improved Delivery Times and Quality Control — Warbird will bring standardized procedures, root cause analysis and work instructions to the build process to help maximize production efficiency. These processes and instructions will help assure consistent delivery of the intended build process. Warbird also has a Quality Assurance mentality, tracking quality at all points. The closer you can get to the root cause of a quality issue, the quicker and more efficiently you can fix it.

2. Delivery — With more controlled processes and tracking tools, we can increase production and have more predictable delivery dates for our customers and distributors.

3. Customer Service — Your time on the water is a premium, and we will have a greater support network to get you back on the water with quick, easy points of contact and a network of parts and services.

4. Cost Control — Raw material prices are soaring, while labor is getting more expensive and harder to find. Warbird will control what it can with joint buying power, shared administrative services, shared logistics, shared technology, etc. As a result, we will deliver a better value than our competitors are able to.

5. Access to Investment Capital — Warbird is a group of life-long boat builders, backed by a large private equity team and led by industry veteran John Dorton. Warbird is not run by a PE fund.That’s a big difference. They are in the business of making companies better by giving exceptional organizations like Yellowfin the tools they need to grow.

These assets will enable Yellowfin founder Wylie Nagler and the rest of the Yellowfin crew to take the company to the next level, without sacrificing quality in any way.