Why yachts are built to safety classifications like RINA or MCA

Why yachts are built to safety classifications like RINA or MCA

RINA, MCA, LLOYDS safetyThe world of yachting is vast and can be confusing. There is a lot of unique terminology to help make sense out of all the unique aspects and things around yachts. As the yachts get larger, and especially when owners start to consider chartering their yacht, safety classifications become increasingly important when choosing your next yacht.

There are lots of classifications from around the world. Lloyd’s of London has a safety classification that yachts can obtain. Two of the most popular and recognized standards of safety include the RINA from Italy (Registro Italiano Navale) and the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) also from the U.K. These classifications originated out of a need to cover risks related to loss or damage of the hull and rigging of commercial sailing ships. As time has moved on, they have grown to be used for both commercial and private safety standards and provide a scale of overall safety and sea-worthiness that shipyards achieve under construction and throughout performance. As RINA says:

“RINA Services is investing in the yachting market, developing new rules and services, which include all recent international standards, leveraging on its experience directly from the cruise ship sector. Its strength lies in its quick and highly valued service during the yacht’s life cycle, starting from the construction, testing of materials and components to the in-service periodical surveys for maintenance of class; all these matters ensure owners and manufacturers that their yachts meet the highest safety standards and enhance their commercial and qualitative value during their life-time.” -RINA website

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