Yacht Dockage and Services

Yacht Dockage and Services

Yacht Dockage and ServicesAlthough the ocean spans more than two thirds of the globe, it is a fragile environment that needs our care. Marine organisms require a precise balance of food, oxygen, clean water and a number of other elements to survive.  Any disruption of this balance can bring long-lasting harmful effects to the entire marine ecosystem.

As a mariner, you need to be environmentally responsive with your boat. Here are five things you can do to help ensure that you make the least impact on the marine ecosystem as possible.


  1.  Be careful at the pump.  Do not over fill your tanks as one quart of oil can contaminate up to two million gallons of water and for up to two years. Fuel needs room to expand inside the tank, without room it can spill out the vent, leaving a toxic, combustible pool of fuel around your vessel.  If a spill occurs avoid soaps with harsh cleaners as they only make the problem worse underwater.  Fresh water and absorbent pads are all you need.
  2. Go Green when cleaning your boat.  When washing down your boat forget the chemical cleaners and detergents- they are not kind to the environment or your topside.  Use vinegar or baking soda, fresh water and a scrub brush and stay above the waterline.  Use a sponge to keep grime and grit from entering the water.
  3. Get your bottom cleaned. A monthly bottom scrap down gives you a smoother ride and reduces fuel consumption and emissions. For haul outs and bottom painting use an eco-friendly bottom paint.
  4. Take out the trash and recycle. Make sure your trash receptacles have secure lids and are located in convenient places for guests to use. Keep a separate container for plastics, bottles and cans for recycling.
  5. Service your engine. A healthy engine will run more efficiently using less fuel and omitting less emissions thus saving the environment and your wallet.  Make sure used oil and filters are disposed of properly as they are very toxic to the marine environment.

Atlantic Yacht Services is a full service marina conveniently located one mile from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and off the Dania cutoff canal, within minutes of the Port Everglades inlet. Their mechanical specialists are experienced and trained in the repair and installation of engines, diesel, gas and outboard engines, generators, fuel systems, sanitation systems, bow and stern thrusters, pumps, and air conditioning and heating systems.

Atlantic Yacht also has detailing services for inside and out. Complete wash downs and preventative protections such as waxing, compounding and metal polishing will help keep your yacht in pristine condition. Atlantic Yacht Services offers dockage for vessels up to 175′ and dry storage for boats up to 40′. Fresh water and electrical services are available to accommodate 100 amp, 50 amp, or 30 amp requirements. Contact Atlantic Yacht and Ship today at 888-230-0439 and let our experts help you keep your vessel in top shape.