Why Buy a Navigator Yacht?

Why Buy a Navigator Yacht?

54 Navigator Motor Yacht 2007
54 Navigator Motor Yacht 2007

Why Buy a Navigator Yacht? The 54 Navigator Yacht Raised Pilothouse 2007 is bred from a fine family of motor yachts.  Naval Architect Jule Marshall founded Navigator Yachts in 1987; however, he had been building the highly regarded “Californian” line of yachts since the late 1960’s.

It’s All in the Design

A hallmark of his designs are hulls that get up on plane quickly.  This is because they have smaller, more economical engines.   Another feature is the 360 degree visibility from the helm which allows a couple to operate the vessel without any other assistance.  Also of interest, there are two ways to access the bow from the cockpit.  First, step along the narrow port and starboard walkways with grab rails.  Alternatively, access through the salon and out through the sliding door on the starboard side of the pilothouse.

By widening the salon out to nearly the full beam, the design makes the best use of interior space, yet still allows for a narrow walk around deck.   The result is a good compromise between practicality and comfort.

The hull is solid fiberglass, no coring material is used in the hull. Another excellent feature of the Navigator is the use of aluminum stringers and beams for floor support, which is much lighter and stronger than wooden members used by most other builders. The insulation is exceptional and affords the quietest boat ride you will ever have!

The auxiliary machinery space is forward of the engine room and separated by a bulkhead and door and this houses the air conditioning units, battery chargers, access to the washer and dryer, and other equipment, as well as a good location for tools boxes and other storage items.

With over 1000 Navigators and Californians built since 1988, these yachts were produced in Southern California until just recently.  They are among the most respected U.S. built semi-custom yachts available today. (Californians are the single engine Long Range Cruiser models built by Navigator).

Navigator For Sale!

Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. is offering a 54 Navigator Raised Pilothouse 2007 for sale. For More information, contact Central Agent, Brad Nelson at 954-205-7944 or email brad@ayssales.com.

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