What Size Yacht is Right for Me?

What Size Yacht is Right for Me?

What Size Yacht is Right For MeAre you in the market to buy a luxury motor yacht but aren’t sure what size yacht is right for you? There are a number of factors to consider when buying a boat.

Whether you are a first time boat buyer, or an experienced owner, you need to make a list of desired features and figure the total budget available for your next investment to help you choose the right size yacht. How often you plan to use the boat, where you will store the vessel when it’s not in use, how often you plan on using it and how large a yacht you can safely handle are all factors to consider before making your final purchasing decision.

Luxury motor yachts come outfitted with a variety of high-end features including sleeping berths, galley kitchen, electrical generator, air conditioning and plumbing. Recreational ocean cruisers start at around 40 feet long and it’s not uncommon to approach lengths of 100 feet or more in ships used for multi-day trips across the sea.

Yearly upkeep fees also need to be factored into the boat buying equation. Recurring services such as docking fees, crew procurement, gas charges along with routine maintenance costs need to be factored in before deciding on the boat that is the perfect size for you.

Use an Established Yacht Broker When Buying a Luxury Motor Boat

You want your yacht to last through many seasons of exciting boating activities. You don’t want to regret your purchasing decision and end up with more yacht than you can afford, or with a boat that is too small to enjoy once you’ve invited a few friends onboard, so make your decision wisely.

You may want to consider using a South Florida yacht broker to help you pick out the vessel that is just right for all your boating needs. An experienced yacht brokerage business will have licensed and bonded yacht sales reps on staff to help your with your purchasing decision. Research how many years the company has been in business and what amenities they offer at their facility.

Does your yacht brokerage company offer the following services?

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