Atlantic Yacht and Ship Toy: Dockmate


Docking your boat can be incredibly stressful, but with Dockmate®, docking is made easier! This wireless remote control docking system is like no other. It controls everything from your boat engines to your anchor and horn, arranging for a stress-free docking environment. Control your boat with confidence from anywhere on board with this handheld transmitter. Easy to use, very safe, and extremely accurate!


The Dockmate® Receiver translates the commands given through the remote transmitter and relays them to your boat’s controls. The Receiver is in essence the link between the Dockmate® remote and your boat.
  • The Receiver is a modular system. Every Receiver is assembled and programmed for a specific boat. The boat’s equipment and the customer’s wishes determine which modules are installed in the Receiver. This means every Dockmate® is built to order.
  • The Receiver is connected to all the necessary controls of your boat.
  • The Receiver is made out of aluminum and completely waterproof to IP67 rating.
  • The Receiver supports both analogue and digital (CAN bus) controls. See our ever-evolving list of supported controls.


The Dockmate® Single and Twin offer a wireless extension of the above controls with the exact same feeling and response time!
You can flawlessly operate with the tips of your fingers.
  • One or Two Engines
  • Bow & Stern Thrusters
  • Anchor winch or windlass
  • Horn
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


The TWIST is an incredibly easy to use 3-axis joystick that allows you to push the joystick in all directions (360°): Forward, backwards, sideways, and diagonally and the boat will move in that direction! If you "twist" the joystick knob, then it will turn the boat sharply for tight quarter maneuvering as well.
  • You can also push down on the joystick to activate the horn.
  • The bow & stern thrusters can be operated individually and separately using the buttons below the joystick.
  • One or two anchors can be raised and lowered with specific buttons as well.
  • The highly-advanced DockControl software allows us to calibrate and configure the joystick so that its behavior is properly customized to the boat's equipment and your specific needs. The Twist joystick can also offer variable-speed, fully proportional throttle and thruster control, if you boat is equipped with a proportional thruster.