Tips on Buying a Yacht

Tips on Buying a Yacht

Tips on Buying a YachtCongratulations – you are ready to purchase your first yacht! While this is an exciting occasion, aspiring owners need to approach a yacht purchase carefully and avoid buying solely on emotion. Making certain that the boat you purchase is the best fit for your lifestyle will ensure your enjoyment for many years to come. Some tips on buying a yacht might include:

Sail or power? Sailboats have an unlimited range of travel, are environmentally friendly, inexpensive to run, and bring you closer to nature. If spaciousness and creature comforts are important to you, you may want a powerboat; they typically offer more room and amenities, you can schedule arrival times since you set the speed, and you can simply turn the key and go.

Which type? The type of vessel you need is dictated by your planned use. Are you an avid angler looking for a sport-fishing vessel like a Viking or Hatteras? Maybe you see yourself speeding along in a Sunseeker performance motor yacht, or sailing in a majestic Gulfstar. Figure out what your main use will be, and it will lead you to the right type

What size? There are several factors to consider when deciding the size of your new yacht. Whether you are planning to use it for day trips, or intend to be a fulltime liveaboard, you need enough room to accommodate all passengers without feeling cramped. Are you looking for a vessel you can handle on your own, or would you prefer to have a crew? Remember to factor in the space needs of guests- you are going to want to entertain!


New or used? With a new build you will have the exact features and fixtures you desire, with a delivery date anywhere from a few months to a few years. It is exciting to work with designers and builders to create your ideal yacht; however, existing vessels can give you immediate use with features already in place. Consider if the purchase of a previously owned craft is the right choice for you- you can obtain a lovely older vessel at an attractive price, and undertake a refit later to customize it.

Once you have an idea of what you want from your yacht, an experienced yacht broker can ensure that you find the vessel of your dreams. Atlantic Yacht and Ship is America’s oldest and most respected yacht and ship brokerage, with over 53 years of experience in yacht and superyacht sales. We have a large selection of new and used luxury yachts for sale, and take great care in matching our clients with their ideal vessels. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is committed to providing unparalleled product knowledge and meticulous attention to detail to see you through every step of your purchase. The purchasing of a yacht can be an intricate and complex endeavor. At Atlantic Yacht and Ship, we have the reputation and experience to strategically guide you through this process and make buying a yacht a joy. Contact Atlantic Yacht & Ship at 1.888.230.0439 to make your dream of yacht ownership a reality!