Steve Jobs Superyacht Released

Steve Jobs Superyacht Released

Jobs Superyacht Released After Deposit PaidA superyacht build for the late Steve Jobs that was being held by the Dutch authorities in Amsterdam was released on Monday after his estate paid a deposit to resolve a dispute with designer Philippe Starck.

“The Venus is no longer impounded, we have found a solution,” Gerard Moussault, a Hague-based lawyer for the Jobs estate, told AFP.

“A security deposit was paid into a bank account, but I cannot say for how much,” Moussault said after French designer Starck last week asked Amsterdam bailiffs to seize the sleek 70-metre (230-foot) yacht.

The aluminum-hulled yacht was built by Royal De Vries shipbuilder’s in Aalsmeer, just south of Amsterdam, with the interior designed by Starck.  The design is said to be “sleek and minimalist”, with teak decks and a bridge that features a control panel made up of seven iMac computers.

The vessel, which reportedly cost over 100 million euros to build, was impounded after Starck said Jobs’ estate still owed him three million euros for his contribution to its design. Starck said he was to be paid a fixed sum of nine million euros, while lawyers for Jobs’ estate said he was to be paid a percentage of the project’s cost equal to six million euros. According to Roelant Klaassen, Starck’s lawyer in the Netherlands; there was no formal agreement as the designer and Jobs were “very close in the period that the design was made and the building proceeded.”

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