Sportfishing Boat Buyer Guide

Sportfishing Boat Buyer Guide

If fishing is your passion, a sportfishing boat could be the best purchase you will ever make! Whether your idea of fishing fun is taking daytrips on the water with fellow anglers, jaunting off for weeklong fishing adventures with your family, or enjoying alone time as you pit yourself against your slippery adversaries, your sportfishing boat will quickly become your refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. These hardy boats are available in a variety of styles and sizes; to help you narrow down your choices, the following Sportfishing Boat Buyer Guide provides a list of factors to consider:

Your Finances
A boat loan is just part of the debt you incur when purchasing a boat – you will also have the on-going expenses of maintenance, fuel, and upkeep. If purchasing a particular boat will strain your budget, it is better to choose a slightly smaller vessel that you can easily afford. You will be able to use your boat more often without having to economize on fuel.

Your Fishing Zone
Will you be cruising on inland waters or heading out for some deep sea fishing action? How far out do you intend to travel on your trips? Size and fuel capacity are two of the main factors determining how and where you can use your boat; MPG is another. An experienced broker can provide an estimate of the MPG your boat will get, but the existing owners will have the best idea of actual fuel use when the vessel is fully loaded. Make certain your boat has enough engine power to quickly get you to and from your destinations.

Your Trip Length
If you plan on returning to port at the end of each day, a center console could be your perfect sportfishing boat. Frequent overnight trips would make a cabin with berths, galley, and a head compartment your best choice; this option is ideal for extended trips and can increase the comfort of family outings of any length.

Your Bait and Icing Needs
Nothing is worse than running out of bait when you are far from shore on a perfect day for fishing. Make sure the live-bait tank on your sportfishing boat has sufficient capacity and circulation to store adequate bait; if it is too small, see if there is room to install an ­additional, aftermarket live-bait system. Verify that there is enough insulated cold storage for you to ice your bait, fish, food, and beverages.

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