Hurricane Season Preparedness 2021

Hurricane Season Preparedness 2021

Hurricane Season 2021

Hurricane Season Preparedness 2021

How to Secure a Yacht in Hurricanes?

If you’re a yacht owner residing in a hurricane-prone area, you need an action plan to secure a yacht in Hurricanes, before a calamity strikes. From the design of your yacht to the insurance, there’s a lot to know about how you can prepare for a hurricane.

Before moving to the final checklist, it is important to know that you can face a hurricane between the months of June till November. Most of the time, there’s not enough time to secure a yacht from the damage a hurricane can cause, so the first step is to be proactive.

Securing the Yacht Ashore:

The first question that arises to secure your yacht ashore is how you will transport it?

If the yacht is manageable on a trailer, you need to keep everything ready to relocate your yacht. Check the trailer for the tires, brakes, bearings, fuel-in fact, every little detail to avoid a mishap.

Once you’re done with the relocation, you’ll have to work on the direction of your yacht hull as described for the sea berthing. Your yacht’s hull should be in the wind’s direction to avoid windage.

The next step is to secure the yacht using a dock line that has a length to withstand the tough weather. You can find cleats and trees nearby to secure your yacht in place.

The next part is to secure the base of your yacht that is achieved by using jack stands. Use enough jack stands to secure a yacht in place to avoid any breakage later on.

Secure a Yacht in Hurricanes
Secure a Yacht in Hurricanes - checklist

Keep checking the state hurricane warnings during the mentioned months and start the yacht preparation by:

●    Understanding the Coverage Plan:

You first need to understand the insurance plan for your yacht. Many boaters do not have an idea of coverage about hurricanes and storms, so the first step is to estimate how much you can recover in case of hurricane damage.

●    Knowing the Marina Policies:

You may have two options in case of a hurricane. You can either get a marina berth where you can secure your yacht, or you need to move your yacht to another location (preferably ashore)

In the latter case, your yacht will require relocation that will cost you additionally.