Russian Tycoons Showing Special Interest in Luxury Yachts this Year

Russian Tycoons Showing Special Interest in Luxury Yachts this Year

The Washington Post reported a growing trend in wealthy Russians and their interest in luxury yachts, with a sharp increase in million-dollar boats purchased in the past year. Chris Weafer, expert on Russia’s business elite and chief strategist for investment bank Uralsib, says yachts are this year’s must-have toy for Russia’s business elite.

Russian businessman Roman Abrahamovich, who is the 3rd richest man in Russia and the 50th richest man in the world according to the 2010 Forbes list with an estimated fortune of $11.2 billion, already exhibits an impressive fleet of luxury motor yachts.

His newest and most impressive yacht, the Eclipse, was built in Germany by Blohm + Voss and completed in September 2009.At 557 feet, she is the world’s largest private yacht with at least two swimming pools, two helipads, several on-board tenders and a submarine. Eclipse is believed to have cost Abramovich at least ¬£300million. Abramovich’s new toy joined the rest of his fleet earlier this year. None of his ships¬† – the Pelorus (377ft), the Ecstasea ( 282ft) and the Sussurro (161ft) – are insubstantial but the Eclipse trumps them all.

Another Russian businessman, Ruben Khokhryakov, has tried to capitalize on the yachting craze by building a unique three-masted sailing ship. The special design of the boat enables it to float much higher than most other yachts of its class, generating a top speed of up to 20 knots and prompting Khokhryakov to name the ship “Running on Waves.” He plans to take his mega-yacht out on the Red Sea later this year and to the Mediterranean next year. Sailing does not come cheap, however, with the price for a week-long trip ranging from 3,500 to 35,000 Euros ($46,960) per person.

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