Panama Marina Offers Scenic Hurricane Contingency Plan

Panama Marina Offers Scenic Hurricane Contingency Plan

Panama is recognized as an international hub for the boating community, with many cruisers drawn to the mild climate, unique flora and proximity to the United States and the Caribbean.  But it’s not the mangrove coves, beautiful beaches or natural ecology that most attracts visitors during the hot summer months, but rather its’ fortunate location. Positioned just outside of the hurricane belt, Panama provides yachts from all over the world a shelter from the storm.

Red Frog Marina, nestled in the Caribbean islands of Bocas Del Toro, offers dockage for yachts from June through November, during the height of hurricane season.  The marina is known for calm waters that reach depths of over 25 feet.  With less than an 18-inch tidal change, the waters are naturally protected on the southern side of Isla Bastimentos, giving yacht owners peace of mind away from the threat of turbulent weather.

The Red Frog Marina has a sophisticated floating dock system able to accommodate any vessel.  Boats up to 193 feet may dock along the 250-meter walkway, taking in picturesque views of Panama’s mangroves and beaches.  The marina ensures their visitors are comfortable when riding out hurricane season.  Not only do guests have access to gorgeous beaches, resort amenities and marine services, but the marina also offers practical assistance like complimentary water-taxi services, a workshop for equipment repair and dockside power and water.

Also available are multiple hiking trails, snorkeling spots and scuba sites to entertain land-bound cruisers.  The ubiquitous mangroves are not only scenic, but also provide significant shelter from hurricane-force winds and strong storms, resulting in the smooth, glassy water that draws Red Frog Marina’s international guests.

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