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Yacht Broker John Pierini


I was born and raised in Old Saybrook Connecticut. Growing up I worked at the local marina, eager to gain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to excel in the Marine Industry. I joined the United States Coast Guard and served on the Reliance , a 210’ Medium Endurance Cutter. While patrolling the North Atlantic, West Indies and South America, her many duties included law/treaty enforcement, migrant interdiction, drug interdiction, safety inspections, and search & rescue . I served as a crew member for two years, moving up the ranks from Boatswain’s Mate to 3rd Class Petty Officer with Honors. I received a Lifesaving Medal for a hurricane rescue in the North Atlantic and a Unit Commendation for a fire rescue aboard the Scandinavian Sea off the coast of Port Canaveral, Florida. I fought alongside multiple firefighting teams, and uniquely contributed by reading and interpreting the ship’s blueprints for firefighting strategists. During my time on the Reliance, Vice President Bush was forming a joint task force between the USCG and US Customs, known as the Special Narcotics Task Force . I was recommended for a position on the task force, and excelled in an extensive training program. I became adept at tactical surveillance and earned an Expert rating in Special Weapons . I achieved Special Agent status, working undercover gathering intelligence. Operations were carried out utilizing state-of- the-art watercraft and aircraft throughout the Florida Coast and the Caribbean Sea. On the safer side of the seas, I chose to pursuit a Captain’s License and a career in yachting. Over the following 25 years, I continued to expand and hone my skills. Today I possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the yachting industry, and the ability to sustain the safety, security, proper maintenance and seaworthiness of a Yacht. I currently hold a USCG 200 Ton Masters License, serving as an Engineer as well. My story is one of passion, competency, and trustworthiness.