Now is the Time to Make your Fort Lauderdale Yachting Dream a Reality

Now is the Time to Make your Fort Lauderdale Yachting Dream a Reality

Now is a great time to invest in the exclusive comfort of a luxury motor yacht in South Florida. In the midst of volatility in the traditional asset growth environments, those who have managed to retain their healthy net worth are taking stock of the fortunate state of their fortunes. With significant liquidity in considerable portfolios, now is the ideal time to go after your dream of yachting in South Florida.

Much more than a mere status symbol, owning a yacht provides an enhancement to quality of life. First time yacht owners are amazed at the sense of adventure and satisfaction that accompanies owning a yacht, and how it becomes much more than a hobby-a way of life.

For those in a position to purchase a yacht, it is a specialized commodity. Currently, with traditionally safe havens of the bond and money markets offering low returns, the cost of money is at a record low. The beneficial consequence of low returns for investors is lower interest rates for buyers, and those in a position to make asset acquisitions in the current economy. Allocating funds to material investments, such as a yacht, provides minimal risk while riding out the current economic conditions, and yields high personal fulfillment.

Too often and for a variety of reasons people put off their dream to own a yacht and live the lifestyle they have earned. This can happen out of a sense of financial fear in uncertain times, or a number of other setbacks. It is most unfortunate when the same people put off their dream for so long that they are no longer healthy enough to pursue it. Contact Atlantic Yacht and Ship and discover why 50 years of service to the South Florida yachting community can make your yachting dreams come true!

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