Key West Poker Run – 50 Nortech Go Fast!

Key West Poker Run – 50 Nortech Go Fast!

22nd Annual Key West Poker Run:IMG_9943

The Key West Poker Run is November 4 -10, 2014! Boaters from around the world will be converging on South Florida to make the 170 mile run from Miami to Key West.  Participants will race to several checkpoints throughout the scenic Florida Keys (including Key Largo, Islamorada, and Marathon) to collect their poker playing cards, refuel, and socialize.

The big thrill of the Poker Run comes during the final leg of the run, from the Bahia Honda Bridge to Key West. The performance boats throttle up and demonstrate their capabilities, many traveling at speeds well over 100 mph.  Pace boats are present to maintain safety and helicopters fly overhead to record the excitement.  Some of the fastest performers, such as Nortech boats, reach speeds so fast that the helicopters can’t even keep up with them!

Need a Boat for the Poker Run??

The 50 Nortech Roadster 2009 is your boat!

The owner of the 50 Nortech has been active in performance boating since the late 1970s. His current boat, the 50 Nortech Roadster 2009 “Gold Rush” is fitted with quadruple 1150 hp engines which, operating on 89 octane,  run at an impressive 168 mph at 5400 RPMs.  The life expectancy of these engines is much higher than most competitors because she is built to run on 89 Octane at lower RPMs.  These particular engines currently have only 35 hours.   Being a heavier boat, this 50 Roadster is safer to handle than much of her competition.  The current owner is comfortable handling the boat at 125 mph with his family.  For poker runs, at speeds in excess of 160 mph, a throttle man is highly recommended in addition to the driver.  With her catamaran hull, she performs faster than mono-hulls in the calm waters due to more air lift and less drag.

“Gold Rush” is stored in an indoor garage in Southwest Florida. She is well maintained and operated at regular intervals to ensure she is meeting optimum performance.  “Gold Rush” seats up to 6 passengers in her custom Connolly Leather seats.  Her owner has had a change in plans and is ready to sell.  All reasonable offers are encouraged!

Asking $695,000. Contact Joe Marino 954-328-2059 or