Inspired by Racing Yachts, Transonic Hulls to Add Stealth to Navy SEAL Boats.

Inspired by Racing Yachts, Transonic Hulls to Add Stealth to Navy SEAL Boats.

Aerospace engineer A. Calderon had been testing with high-speed yacht designs during America’s Cup sailing race, and began experimenting with different means of wake reduction around a vessel’s bow, stern and sides as it passes through water.  A large wake grows as the boat moves, and it drains fuel by increasing drag.

By producing a covert, fuel-efficient vessel, Navy SEAL teams would benefit by approaching stealthily from a less bouncy ride.  The  less rocky of a trip, the better physical condition the SEAL officers are in.  A sleek hull design sets a new standard for efficient and streamlined nautical design.

Calderon’s concept has a bow shaped like an acute-angled V, which slices through water like a hot knife through butter, and nearly eliminates the wake sideways and under the boat.  Prototype tests of the concept, named the transonic hull, were performed with a 20-foot fiberglass-and-wood model and showed 28-28 percent less drag than even America’s Cup yachts that are already significantly streamlined.  This new concept could provide an improved fuel efficiency level by about 30 percent.  Amazingly, this vessel cut through four-foot waves without so much as a bounce.

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