Forbes Highlander—Legendary Yacht for Sale

Forbes Highlander—Legendary Yacht for Sale

The Forbes Highlander is officially on the market.  This famous yacht for sale has hosted everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to the Right Honorable Margaret Thatcher, Buzz Aldrin to Mick Jagger, John Stossel to the cast of the “The Sopranos”. She has sailed across the Pacific, Atlantic, through the Great Lakes and into the Amazon, but she is best known for docking at her homeport in Manhattan.  The Highlander is truly an American icon.

“Countless Forbes stories of businesses and the people who run them were born aboard The Highlander,” said the Forbes Highlander website.  “Major American mergers resulted from friendships formed aboard The Highlander.”

In 1986, a year after her acquisition by the Forbes family, Ronald Reagan Jr. stood upon her deck to rededicate the Statue of Liberty.  Breathtaking views of the New York City skyline from The Highlander have been featured throughout history, and most recently on NBC’s “The Apprentice”.  This yacht has played an integral role in Americana, but has also been influential in international events.  In 1995, when Israel’s government changed hands, a conference was held aboard the ship.

The Highlander is an exquisite vessel.  It has five guest staterooms, six salons and fourteen heads.  Also on board is a Bell Jet Ranger III helicopter, a 23-foot Donzi and two BMW motorcycles.  The rooms are decked with plush seating and famous artwork, including A. Clark’s five elaborate whaling dioramas, Andy Warhol’s Hamburger and an 1870’s stained glass door from Queen Victoria’s cabin on the royal yacht Osborne.

Now on the market, a new owner will soon take the helm of the Forbes Highlander.  This vessel has served as a luxurious symbol of the yachting industry for decades.  With a captain and crew of 14, The Highlander hosts an estimated 9,000 people a season, with 80 events a year, translating to 18 14-oz tins of Beluga caviar.  Originally built in Holland, The Highlander is 151-feet long, 1,800 horsepower, with a cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles.

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