Donzi Yachts’ History

Donzi Yachts’ History

Donzi YachtsDelve into Donzi Yachts’ History and you will find a tale of exceptionally fast vessels set against a backdrop of speedboat racers, drug smugglers, and presidents, powered by engineering geniuses with an enduring love of fast, powerful boats. From the original Donzi ‘Sweet 16′ racer created in 1964 by boat-racing legend Don Aronow to today’s Donzi Evolution superyacht Sportfish series, presented by Roscioli International, Donzi Yachts have always been distinguished by their turbocharged performance and exceptional engineering. Today, nearly fifty years after they began, Donzi Yachts continue to push the performance envelope, redefining the luxury sportfish market with their exceptionally innovative designs.

World Champion racer Don Aronow partnered with Walt Walters and Jim Wynne to found Donzi in 1964, debuting a diminutive 16-foot V-hull racer soon dubbed the ‘Sweet 16′ by fans. The distinctive vessel drew rave reviews and a number of prominent owners, including President Lyndon B. Johnson. The popularity of Donzi vessels grew over the years, thanks to their exceptional speed and incredible maneuverability. Although Donzi changed hands several times, their reputation for producing the fastest boats on the water remained intact. The Israeli government ordered a dozen vessels, and the American government used Donzi’s lightning fast boats to catch drug runners who were using other manufacturers’ speedboats to smuggle in their wares.

In 1985, Jack Staples and former Chris Craft president Dick Genth acquired Donzi, moving the company to Bradenton, Florida where they built an enormous complex to build the small boats. The partners decided to try something new and set out to create the best sportfishing boat on the market.  The Donzi “Z” line of performance boats was created, including the Z-33 Crossbow, which became one of the most sought-after performance boats of the 1980’s. Genth and Staples managed to create the largest, fastest boats in the industry, with technology that was years ahead of any other boat, production or custom, that was on the water.

Marine design expert Bob Roscioli, impressed by the innovative design of the Donzi Z boats, jumped at the chance to acquire the sportfishing yacht division of the company in 1988. He then moved production of Donzi Yachts to the Roscioli Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Under Roscioli’s expert guidance, the Donzi line has expanded to include high quality motor yachts, center console fishing boats, performance boats, entry-level Ragazza series of runabouts, high performance fishing boats, and sport cruisers. The recently introduced Donzi Evolution Sportfish Superyacht series combines classic lines, flawless finish and glamorous interiors, creating a line destined to transform the face of the sportfishing industry for years to come.

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