Choosing the Right Boat

Choosing the Right Boat

Purchasing a boat is an exciting adventure. With the wide variety of amazing vessels on the market, one can easily be swayed to make a purchase based on an emotional response to a yacht’s clean lines, gorgeous interior, or control room that just sings to the soul. A yacht purchase should not be made on emotion alone, though, or you could end up with a beautiful vessel that is utterly unsuited for your needs. In order for you to get the most use and enjoyment of your new boat, you should carefully consider the activities for which you will be using your boat, the number of people you will have with you, the features you cannot live without, and the price you can comfortably afford.

To help you make the important decision of choosing the right boat, the following guide will give you a general overview of the different types of boats available, and their suggested uses:

Sport Fisher
Sport fishers are large yet maneuverable boats that are at least 25′ in length. They are ideal for saltwater fishing enthusiasts, as they are designed with space for sleeping berths, cooking, and dining areas so one can comfortably spend days or even weeks on the water.

Center Console Yachts
These rugged boats are named for their layout, which features a central console surrounded by an open deck in the center. Primarily used by anglers, they sometimes have a small area for sleeping and are suitable for short-range trips.

Flybridge Yachts
Versatile and sporty, these boats are perfect for entertaining and extended trips. They generally range from 55′ to 105′ in length and offer fully functional galleys, ample amenities, and sleeping room for six to twelve passengers.

Motor Yacht/Cruisers
Designed for people who enjoy entertaining, fishing, and extended travel, motor yachts average between 200′ and 600′. Owners can comfortably live on board cruising yachts, which come complete with luxurious appointments and amenities such as multiple saloons, sky lounges, swimming pools, and helicopter pads.

Megayachts are the royalty of the yachting world coming in at over 100′ feet in length, with the largest currently a stunning 590′ long. They are filled with luxurious appointments and fabulous amenities; some even carry their own mini-submarines.

Sail Boats
Whether they are designed for romantic sails or serious races, sailing yachts offer few amenities and are generally smaller than motor yachts. They average between 20′ to 100′ in length, and often are actually hybrids with a motor for use on still days.

An experienced broker can make choosing the right boat a much easier undertaking. At Atlantic Yacht and Ship, our knowledgeable brokers have the experience and contacts to assist you in finding the vessel of your dreams. We work with brokers from around the world to offer a wide selection of new or preowned yacht for sale, such as Quantum, an almost new 50′ Atlantis Cruiser.

Just launched in 2012, Quantum’s perfect blend of technology and design gives you the freedom to change her layout for different occasions, with several open spaces that can be enclosed at will. The cockpit, connected to the swim platform with two access points and over-sized walkways, captures your attention, while her interior delights with three cabins including a voluminous master stateroom. This almost new 50′ Atlantis is sure to please.

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