Calling All Superyachts to Barcelona

Calling All Superyachts to Barcelona

Calling All Superyachts to BarcelonaLooking for a new city to dock your superyacht?  How about the historical city of Barcelona, Spain?  The Barcelona Nautical Cluster was launched at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show; the Cluster is a vehicle for promoting the city to Superyachts. In the center of the cluster is the ambitious project of Port Vell which will when completed see berthing alongside for yachts up to 180 meters.

The three inaugural members of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster are Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92), the refit and repair shipyard, Marina Port Vell, and the FNOB, a public body offering training in the nautical sector and promoting world class racing.  The group is being promoted by the Barcelona City Council and the Port of Catalan.

The Barcelona Nautical Cluster aims to pull together the strengths of this already prolific region, by integrating companies, institutions or research centers whose common focus is the sea in order to fully exploit their socioeconomic potential. It seeks to add value to the region by consolidating existing industry, attracting new investment and broadening knowledge in the nautical sector.  Its three principal objectives are for the creation of new jobs, generation of highly skilled expertise and the promotion of specialized training in the nautical sector.

“The city with its maritime sea front and the Port of Barcelona have at their disposal the optimum conditions to become a leading force in the nautical sector and generate economic, social and environmental relations between all the players involved,” read the press statement

MB92 and Marina Port Vell as individual businesses are themselves consolidating their position as leaders in their field globally. MB92 is currently redeveloping its new dock, dry dock and new service buildings; due to be completed during by the end of the year. Marina Port Vell meanwhile plans to invest 30 million euros into its redevelopment for medium to large yachts. It is expected to have a direct and indirect impact on the city ‘to the tune of around 650 million euros’ and will help create around 400 much needed jobs.

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