Before Buying a Boat – Choose the Right Size

Before Buying a Boat – Choose the Right Size

When you are in the market for a boat, one of the first decisions you will face is choosing the size of your vessel. There is an enormous variation in yacht sizes – you can go as large or small as your taste, needs, and budget dictate. With vessels ranging from petite 25′ Sportfishers all the way up to enormous superyachts that are hundreds of feet in length, how is a person to choose? Answering the following questions will help you figure out the right size boat to fit your needs.

How many people will typically be on my boat?
Will your boat be used only you and a special someone, be enjoyed by your family and a few friends, or are you looking for a vessel where eighty of your closest friends can cruise in comfort? The age and relationship of the passengers are factors to take into consideration – remember that a boat that is the perfect size when your children are eight years old will be horribly cramped when shared with teenagers a few short years from now!

How will I be using my boat?
While there are so many activities you can enjoy out on the water, try to determine what your most frequent activity will be. Will your primary use be taking day trips, setting out on weekend fishing trips, or enjoying weeklong jaunts? Perhaps trips to the Mediterranean are more to your taste. Remember, if you will be taking your yacht out for extended excursions, cramped quarters do not make for cheery companions!

In what environment will I be operating my boat?
Are you planning to stay on lakes and rivers, or will you be taking to the seas? Operating in rough sea conditions is far different from inland boating. Consider how the size of boat will affect its performance in different environmental conditions. It also makes a difference whether you will be operating your vessel year-round or only seasonally.

Will I be handling the boat myself or will I be hiring a crew?
Some owners enjoy a hands-on approach while others prefer to relax in the lap of luxury while a crew takes care of the details. If you plan to operate the vessel yourself, assess your abilities honestly. When new to yachting, starting small and trading up is far better than purchasing a large boat that you are unable to safely handle.

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