Why Use a Yacht Broker?

Why Use a Yacht Broker?

why use a professional yacht broker
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Just as a real estate agent acts on your behalf in a real estate transaction, a yacht broker represents your interests throughout your yacht purchase. Buying a yacht is not a simple transaction; a professional yacht broker has the knowledge and experience in contract details, financial aspects, and required documentation to ensure every aspect of your sale is trouble-free. Having a dedicated yacht broker working on your behalf benefits you in every step of your boat transaction, from the initial inquiry through delivery and beyond. Just like real estate, since there is a listing broker on the seller’s side, you want a broker on your side, and it’s free to you since the commission comes from the seller.

Initial Inquiry
Professional yacht brokers will listen carefully to your requirements and desires, and then use the wide range of resources available to professional brokers to determine if a boat is worth your time to see. They will research the history of the yacht, time it has spent on the market, comparable sales, and combine that with an in-depth knowledge of current market conditions and recent sales to determine a vessel’s suitability.

Making an Offer
You need someone on your side looking out for your best interests. Somebody that knows how the business works, what should and shouldn’t be included in the deal, and how to negotiate a yacht deal. Your broker will help you determine a fair and reasonable price so you can decide on the best amount to offer or the comparative values if you are considering a trade. Additionally at AYS, we are all licensed and bonded brokers who use industry standard contracts so you know you are protected.

Sea Trial and Survey
Before buying a pre-owned vessel, it is standard procedure to conduct a sea trial, marine survey and sometimes an engine survey. Your professional broker will accompany you and work with you to estimate the financial and time outlay required to correct survey issues, and help you obtain quotes for needed repairs.

Negotiations and Financial Details A professional broker can keep negotiations moving forward to an acceptable resolution. Your broker’s complete understanding of the financial aspects, including maritime and admiralty liens, deposit requirements, and documentation will ensure that all necessary conditions are included. To safeguard your interests, your professional broker will use an escrow account for your funds, ensure that all loans and encumbrances are satisfied by closing, all required documentation, licenses, and forms are filed, and all fees and taxes are paid.

After the Sale
You now have a friend in the industry for whatever you may need. Your broker can arrange transportation, help you find moorage, and assist you with crew placement. To ensure your vessel is a joy for years to come, a professional broker will help you find maintenance and repair specialists and put you in touch with other local enthusiasts who share your love of maritime activities.


For over 57 years, Atlantic Yacht and Ship has been serving the yachting community. Our headquarter sales office and in-house waterside service department are dockside at Harbour Towne Marina in the heart of the yachting capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you are looking at yachts for sale, or thinking about selling your yacht, it is always wise to have an experienced yacht broker representing your interests throughout the deal. Contact Atlantic Yacht & Ship at 954.921.1500, or click here!