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What is Arneson Surface Drive?

What is Arneson Surface Drive?

One of our passions at Atlantic Yacht & Ship is high performance luxury yachts. When top-quality interiors, materials, and accommodations are matched up with breathtaking speed and performance it really gets our blood flowing! And one way to maximize speed and performance is to match your vessel’s engines to an Arneson surface drive.

Surface Drive yachtsCommonly found on vessels such as Sunseeker, Pershing, Mangusta, and Baia, arneson surface drive provides for the vessel to handle differently than traditional shaft drives, along with increasing speed, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing draft. Because the top portion of the propeller is exposed from the water, this reduces underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged propeller drive systems. Now a days arneson surface drive is capable of torque outputs exceeding 30,000 ft. pounds so they are being outfitted on increasingly larger yachts. Propellers with these systems are located directly aft of the hull and the entire drive shaft maneuvers which provides for improved maneuverability, especially at fast speeds. And, of course, you can identify these systems from afar as they are known for throwing up a “rooster tail” of water behind the yacht when underway!

76 Pershing
 We currently have a 50′ Baia for sale which boasts two arneson surface drives matched to 2,000 HP MTU diesel engines which allow the craft to reach speeds up to 50 mph! There is a video on the boat which gives you a great feel for the performance that can be achieved with these systems.

For over 53 years Atlantic Yacht & Ship has been a serving the yachting community as a specialist in pedigree performance yachts. Our headquarter sales office is dockside at Harbour Towne Marina in the heart of the yachting capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are official distributors of Sunseeker yachts and our in house waterside service department also provides official Sunseeker warranty work along with general yacht services. Whether purchasing or marketing a quality vessel, Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. is your one stop resource for the highest quality service and sales in the yachting industry today

If you are looking at yachts for sale, or thinking about selling your yacht, it is always wise to have an experienced broker representing your interests throughout the deal. Contact Atlantic Yacht & Ship at 954.921.1500 or click here.