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140′ IAG Yacht Launch…
IAG Yachts New Build…
Atlantic Yacht and Ship…
Atlantic Yacht and Ship…
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140′ IAG Yacht Launch – King Baby

140′ IAG Yacht Launch – King Baby


IAG Yachts and Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. are very pleased to be announcing the launch and delivery of the 140 foot custom built motor yacht named “King Baby.”   King Baby measures 140 feet LOA with a 31 foot Beam and a Draft of 7 feet. Including the sun deck, there are 4 decks under roof.  The interior volume of King Baby is just under 500 gross tons and has a displacement of 270 tons. Constructed using traditional hand laid glass in the hull, resin infusion for the superstructure and carbon fiber for the upper structure.  RINA Class and MCA, LY2 compliance has been achieved for a commercial charter rating.  There are 5 staterooms for the owner and guests and the interior boasts a black walnut hand crafted woodwork rivaling European build quality with both satin and high gloss finishes. There is also a liberal use of stone accents on every deck. “It takes a team of professionals to build a custom yacht.  The people on the team must have the ability to offer creative ideas and solutions to design and construction issues that will come up every day. They must check their egos at the door and offer constructive criticism in an atmosphere of mutual enjoyment of the process,” comments Doug Hoogs, IAG’s representative in Ft. Lauderdale. After three years of design, engineering and construction of this yacht, IAG is already receiving great critical acclaim for exceptional design details and not unexpected, great value as well.  The overriding mantra during this project has been “quality, quality, quality,” says Tim Kings, the project manager for the build.  Tim is supported at the IAG shipyard by the very well-known Chinese yacht builder, George Mei as the general manager and Sam Liu as Tim’s assistant.

“This all began as an idea on a napkin over 3 years ago” says, Doug Hoogs.  “I was approached by my good friend and a long time yacht broker, Joe Marino.” Joe is the owner of Atlantic Yacht and Ship and also an early pioneer in building yachts in Asia several decades in the past.  Joe contacted me regarding one of his most special clients, a prominent yachtsman from New York and his interest in building the largest fiberglass Megayacht at IAG Yachts in Zhuhai, China.  Since it was understood that this yacht would be highly customized and every detail carefully studied, with the many hundreds of thousands of hours of labor required, the affordable skills in China became important in the equation. Evan K. Marshall was hired to create the perfectly blended exterior style, and the complete interior design.  No expense was spared to help create a “living work of art.”   Sergio Cutolo of Hydrotec was brought in early to the team for the engineering of the new hull form with bulbous bow that would deliver fuel economy at normal 14 knot cruising speeds and also, a startling 20 knot plus performance from her powerful MTU 16 V, 2000 engines when speed is a must. Captain Bryan Carter acted as the owner’s agent during the build and was involved in every construction issue from the earliest design detail through the conclusion of the demanding build process.  Bryan has been involved with the owners through previous builds and his leadership was critical to achieving the quality expected for both private and charter use. The launching of the yacht in perfect summer weather went along in a well-planned and precise rhythm, and King Baby kissed the waves gently.  King Baby is floating evenly on her lines.  Soon the MTU 16V 2000’s will roar to life and this 270 ton yacht will plane over 20 knots. The ceremony prior to thelaunch was a time of sharing gratitude for a job well done. King Baby will be arriving in September to Ft. Lauderdale and will be available to be seen at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to be held November 5-9, 2015.  It is not an unrealistic expectation that the “King Baby” will be the “Queen of the Show,” states Doug Hoogs.  “IAG is now on the threshold of greatness in custom yacht construction.” Come and meet our team, you will be impressed by what has been achieved.  This yacht project is history in the making.” IAG Yachts has been building large Class and MCA approved yacht‎s since 2007. Since opening its doors, IAG has launched two 127 foot tri-deck motor yachts, both delivered to buyers in the US, and two 100 foot raised pilothouse yachts to Pacific Rim clients. Now, with the King Baby at 140 feet, IAG is delivering a Megayacht that has every amenity expected by American buyers. The next custom yacht construction slot is now available at IAG.  We have a new design that iswith an Axe bow and over 150 feet in length.  This next yacht will also be based upon Evan K. Marshall’s award winning design.

ABOUT IAG YACHTS IAG Yachts, (www.iagyachts.com) is a builder of very high quality custom yachts that range in size from 100 to 150 feet in length. The hull material of choice is composite fiberglass construction. IAG is located in Zhuhai, China and the shipyard has been open for 10 years. The yachts already constructed can be seen cruising the waters of the US East Coast, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim. IAG builds their yachts to international RINA Class and MCA Flag State requirements.